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Premium iPhone 13 phone cases made with high-quality and ethically sourced materials.

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Luxurious mobile accessories compatible with iPhone 13

Discover a wide selection of exclusive fashion-tech accessories such as mobile cases, wallets, mobile clutches and pouches that are all compatible with the new iPhone 13 models. At IDEAL OF SWEDEN, we draw inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and interior design and strive to manufacture innovative and functional products that are kept up to date with the latest technological developments.

All our mobile accessories are fully compatible with the iPhone 13 models and are perfectly adapted to the 6.1-inch screen as well as the upper notch. The elegant frame case easily accommodates the three lnse camera and maintains a slim fit that protects your phone from scratches and other kinds of damage. All phone cases are made of flexible yet durable hard plastic and the inner microfiber lining adds additional protection.

In today's digital society, a phone is much more than just a phone – it is part of your aesthetic expression. Get playful and experiment with your style and pair your iPhone 13 with IDEAL OF SWEDEN's mobile-adapted wallet cases, clutches and pouches. Our mobile accessories are designed in a variety of patterns and exciting materials to match your unique style. With Accessories of Attraction, you can easily mix and match your mobile accessories, and the magnetic mount allows you to attach your mobile to our car and ring mounts for ultimate comfort and wearability. Protect your mobile screen with our scratch-resistant screen protectors and take the opportunity to acquire our QI chargers, Powerbanks and charging cables to ensure that your mobile stays charged throughout the day.