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Express yourself with our trendy Phone Case designs

The phone cases at IDEAL OF SWEDEN are the perfect choice if you want good looking protection for your phone. The mobile shells are characterized by a strong sense of fashion and design at the same time as they are functional and durable protective covers for your phone. Our vision is that you shall be able to transform your phone from just being a tool to becoming a personal and trendy fashion accessory. We put a lot of energy into making it easy and fun for you to match your phone case, just like with clothes, with your own personal style.nnIn our assortment you can find different categories and types of phone cases. For example, we have Printed Cases and Atelier Cases. These differ in terms of material as our Printed cases are created with hard plastic and our Atelier Cases with Premium PU leather. You can thereby choose between having a case with a sleek and glossier surface or a softer and textured surface. On the inside of the majority of our cases we have added a micro fiber for gently embedding your phone to prevent scratches. Within our range of mobile covers you can also find our exclusive statement products. These cases are created for that extra premium experience and to maximize the feeling of timeless luxury. The Statement cases are available in multiple trendy styles with practical and stylish embellishments such as built in handles of golden chains, leather, glimmering crystals or ruffles for a comfortable grip.nnWe have also launched designs with built-in pockets for your cards if you wish to have a wallet on your phone instead of a handle. Our Statement necklace cases also have these card slots if you wish to always bring your most important cards with you. A phone case that is also a discrete and efficient wallet, can it get much better? As a matter of fact, since functionality and simplicity is one of our greater strengths, this is only one example of a smart solution in our assortment to ease your everyday life. With a Necklace case you can carry your phone around your neck or across your chest like a bag. They are perfect for occasions when your clothes do not have any pockets and you need a placement to store your phone.nnSince the beginning of our journey we have been driven by curiosity and innovation when it comes to functionality and design for phone cases and phone accessories. This passion has resulted in a unique ecosystem of magnetically compatible products that makes your everyday life easier. Our signature function, Accessories of Attraction, makes it possible to combine a phone case with our phone accessories. The cases also allow you to charge your mobile wirelessly with one of our QI chargers. We have several options with this concept available on the website for you to explore in order to find the features that suit you best.nnnAt IDEAL OF SWEDEN you will find all kinds of patterns! The large selection of nphone covers in different styles and designs means that there is a great chance that you will find a favorite that appeals to you and suits your individual style. Discover our popular phone cases in timeless designs such as classic marble, metal rivets, glitter, exotic animal patterns reminiscent of croco and snakeskin, or other natural materials such as flowers and plants. We want it to be simple for you to adjust the shell according to occasion and atmosphere, but at the same time have one that can suit any event.nnnWe treat people and our planet with respect and believe in creating a responsible and sustainable business. That is why we have, among other things, chosen to manufacture products that are made of ethical and animal-free materials. When you buy a fancy mobile cover from IDEAL OF SWEDEN you can be sure to receive a cover of the highest quality. All materials are carefully selected to achieve this premium feel. They mainly protect the back of your mobile from bumps and scratches. We also recommend that you supplement your mobile cover with one of our shatterproof screen protectors. Then you can be sure that your phone is completely protected.