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IDEAL Magnet
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IDEAL Magnet is our newest innovation that simplifies daily life in so many ways. A part of Accessories of Attraction and compatible with those products. IDEAL Magnet covers an amazing range of uses and is extremely easy to use, allowing quick removal and attachment, it works on almost any phone or tablet, even with a case attached. Perfect for reading a recipe in the kitchen, as a mobile phone holder in the car or beside the bed, as a key holder, for placing the TV remote away from the kids, as a telephone stand in the office, it can be attached to fridges and whiteboards and much more besides. Manufactured in brushed aluminium for the lowest possible weight and a premium feel. IDEAL Magnet is a small element of design wherever you choose to place it. IDEAL Magnet can be mounted directly without tape on any metallic surface, or can be mounted anywhere else with the supplied 3M tape. 4 integrated N52 magnets hold up to 500g and are therefore suitable for any phone on the market as well as many lightweight tablets. The silicon surface is designed to provide the best possible grip while being gentle on the phones surface. The packaging contains 1 extra-thin metal plate. A best-seller in stylish packaging.
  • Fast delivery
  • 30 days of return
  • 1 year warranty
• Compatible with all phones
• Works on almost all surfaces
• 100% safe to use with your phone
• Compatible with IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s cases and wallets