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Take a deep breath. Take time for yourself. Take a moment to reflect.

Now is the time to do what makes you feel good,

to clear your head, and be at one with yourself.

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Work smarter and not harder, these products are perfect on the go.

Pack your bag, go beyond the ordinary and embrace what makes you feel powerful. Fill your mind with motivation and recycle your energy to happiness. Our active gear will help you on your way. With well thought out finesse and modern solutions these items will transform your everyday life. From bags that radiate sophistication and glamour to water bottles exuding feelings of dependability and confidence. Explore the newest arrivals from our Active Collection A/W21.

Our new Active collection is filled with items in classic and trendy natural tones of cream beige, black and exquisite rose shades. With quilted features on the bags, they appear soft yet bold with a sculptural design. These bags embodies accessibility and everyday luxury, perfect for when you are on the go.

With our new Olympia 2-in-1 Bags you can effortlessly go from carrying a backpack to carrying it as a tote bag. Having classic yet bold features, this 2-in1 hobo and backpack is versatile and functional at the same time. This design connects elegance and style with an effortless simplicity that accommodates everyday life. Continuing with our brand new Olympia 3-in-1 Utility Belt, this unique and versatile design keeps your everyday essentials organised and brings accessibility to the next level.

Remembering to drink water during the day can sometimes be a rather unprioritized and forgotten task. Let us help you with that! With our new fresh water bottle designs you can bring your drink with you everywhere. The bottles can keep liquids cold for 24h and hot drinks warm for 12h.  Staying hydrated throughout the day has never been easier as you would want to take your beautiful bottle with you everywhere, staying fashionable and hydrated at the same time. Health is a key to success, so get moving today and become the best version of you that there is. We have the tools that will help you get started.