Hannalicious X iDeal Of Sweden

Stylish and classic design with a clear touch of luxury – iDeal Of Sweden’s collaboration with fashionable influencer Hanna Friberg is here!

Hanna Friberg, famously known as Hannalicious, is a well-known influencer and blogger with a big passion for design. Over the past ten years, she has maintained a popular blog with a focus on fashion and lifestyle, while simultaneously developing her social medias. This past year, she has continued her success by designing her own collections of clothing.

Hanna describes her collection of phone cases for iDeal Of Sweden as clean and simplistic with that little extra. The color scheme ranges from subtle and elegant black and white to brighter accent hues like coral, mint green and turquoise. A case from Hannalicious X iDeal Of Sweden will elevate your entire look.

Dramatic Dazzle

Black marble with beautifully cracked veins that, paired with the black rock, creates an exclusive and dramatic feeling. Marble and gold is a timeless combination, built on symmetry between the marble's cold, irregular veining and the warm dazzle in the golden shade. "Dramatic Dazzle" unites the simple elegance of black marble with shimmering elements of gold. A classic and stylish case with an unmistakable touch of luxury.

Coral Crush

Agate is one of the oldest gemstones, and it has been used as a decorative material for thousands of years. The material is predicted to challenge marble, and has become a clear interior trend this season. Red and pink have combined over the past several years, and the two have become an obvious color combination within the fashion world; the hues in between these colors are trendier than ever. "Coral Crush" combines two trends in one case, with the unique agate pattern in a beautiful color palette based on shades of coral.

Golden Glamour

White marble is incredibly stylish, and its combination of white and light grey pairs perfectly to combine with different accent colors. The marble is often characterized by the floating texture that occurs from the movement that is created when limestone is exposed to pressure and high temperatures. "Golden Glamour" represents the original movement along with elements of glittering gold. A timeless and glamorous case that is guaranteed to bring elegance to any piece in your wardrobe.

Magical Mint

The gemstone agate, made from thin parallel layers, creates shift in its colors. Agate creates a natural and unique feeling while looking incredible luxurious. The case "Magical Mint" displays the natural layers of the agate through fresh and cool hues of mint green and turquoise. The agate's clean luxury and the cooler color palette are balanced by warm golden accents that create a magic aesthetic.

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iDeal Of Sweden met stylish Hanna Friberg for an interesting chat about fashion, personal style and her lifelong interest in design. Of course, the design of her brand new collection of luxurious mobile cases was also discussed.

Hanna was born and raised in the picturesque small town of Söderköping, and is now based in the city center of Stockholm in the Östermalm district. However, the whole world has become her workplace. Ten years ago, Hanna began blogging about her life and outfits, and the blog became a rapid success. Since then, her blog and social media accounts have become her career, which has led to designing. Clothing designs came first under her own brand, and now Hanna has designed a collection of fabulous mobile cases.

Hanna arrived at our lunch meeting looking relaxed and elegant, donning a white top and matching trousers and a lovely pink coat. It’s evident that she has a passion for fashion and trends, as her style is both thoughtful and obvious—something that many people want to achieve, but very few manage to pull off. After ordering salads, we began chatting about Hanna’s personal style and how her preferences have changed over the years. Hanna explained that she has always been interested in design and fashion; as a little girl, she used to borrow her mother’s purses and heels. Her fascination with fashion has only grown stronger, and today she has found her personal style by mixing different pieces and not following trends, and by getting to know her own body and the pieces that fit it best.

Finding a personal style can take some time, and Hanna says that her style journey has gone from extremes, like punk to preppy, and that she often experiments with garments. During her school age years, she often started trends, and her classmates gladly followed. Hanna’s interest in designing her own clothes, however, did not come from the need to experiment, but from the fact that she saw a need for clothes for more curvy girls on the market. She noticed most clothing was designed to fit a size zero which, except for in the modelling industry, is quite uncommon.

Hanna was inspired by Balmains creative director, Oliver Rousteing. His simple and clean vibe with a twist of drama and rock n´roll really appealed to her. Hanna has many talents, but drawing isn’t one of them, so she creates her designs using mostly words and pictures.

She uses color schemes and trend reports, gives examples and suggests areas of development. In the process of making the new collection of mobile cases, she has constantly been in touch with iDeal Of Sweden’s creative team and has asked for advice from friends. It’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes and to have friends with style, Hanna explained with a smile.

Hanna describes the Hannalicious X iDeal Of Sweden collection as uncomplicated with that little extra. Just like the designs she’s drawn to, she has chosen a simplistic, classic aesthetic with an extra touch of drama and glamour. The color hues range from basic black to accent colors like turquoise and coral. All of the cases have elements of gold, since Hanna is, without a doubt, a “gold person.”

Hanna’s four tips to succeed on your own style journey:

1. Only dress in items that make your feel comfortable.

Feeling comfortable in your clothing creates a relaxed, self-confident vibe, and, in turn, makes the whole outfit more appealing. Comfy is attractive.

2. Dare to try on new styles and be creative.

It helps to try on different kinds of garments and styles to see what you actually like and dislike.

4. Mix and match colors.

Getting creative with colors is key. Unexpected color combinations create an interesting overall impression. Try pairing a bright shade with a soft, basic hue.

4. Be comfortable in your own body and always start with it.

Experiment with pieces to complement your body shape and to find out what you feel most attractive in. Start there, and find key pieces for your shape and body. “A marked waistline has, for example, been a key for me,” Hanna says.

“My collection for iDeal Of Sweden is stylish and classic with the little extra touch of luxury.”

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