Dearing Kinga X iDeal Of Sweden

Dreamy and timeless pieces with a touch of pink – iDeal Of Sweden’s new collection in collaboration with German influencer Kinga is here.

Kinga, also known as Dearing Kinga, is an Instagrammer, mum and blogger based in Berlin, Germany. She is famous for her inspirational and dreamy snapshots that really capture the romantic and timeless elegance in her style and personality. Kinga loves shades of pink and therefore this color is a main theme in this collaboration.

Kinga’s first collection ever with iDeal Of Sweden reflects her own personal taste in the best possible way, with lots of pink, florals and of course her own feminine touch.

Magnolia Stripes

Springtime is early this year. This case features beautiful magnolias that blossom even before the leaves sprout green. Playful and bright shades of pink, which is one of the main colors of this season, make sure to catch the eye of the people around you – and lift your spirits even if isn´t really spring in the air just yet.

Springtime Whimsy

Fluttering butterflies and the springtime blooms of cherry trees and daisies, all in gentle aquarelle colors, give this case an ethereal quality that is perfect when the days grow brighter. And as lavender and pink are some of this season’s premier hues, you will definitely be right on trend as we approach spring.

Geo Floral Scarf

This case has the dreamy feel of a fantasy rococo chateau hidden somewhere in the south of Europe, covered in lush stone tiles and splendid peonies. The geometric shapes and subtle leopard print give the case a bit of an edge while still retaining a distinctly feminine and romantic feel with its soft blush colors and florals.

A German Instagram star with a rare sense of style – meet Kinga, the influencer behind iDeal Of Sweden’s very first design collaboration

iDeal Of Sweden took the opportunity to let Kinga herself tell us all about her thoughts of the collection, about her sense of fashion and style and of course share some personal information just in time for the launch of her brand new collection of cases.

What inspired me into making this collection is the possibility to combine my favorite colors, patterns and shapes into actual design and to reflect over how they would look at their best on a cell phone case.

Since I don’t really have a specific designer I get inspired of I often use Pinterest as my main source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. I have for example pinned a lot of pictures into the design mood board that I used to make this collection come true.

Even though I am very proud of all designs in my collection I must say that my personal favorite is “Magnolia Stripes”. It looks clean and simple with the stripes but it is also playful and eye-catching because of the flowers and bright hues of pink. I plan to wear this case and also the other two designs with a pair of jeans and a white top or maybe with a white dress. All of the covers spread spring feelings and they all make you get a share of that light, summery vibe already now.

Since I am inspired by natural elegance and fresh sportiness the famous actress and business woman Jessica Alba is my style icon. Her styling as well as her personality both represent the effortless yet chic style I have made my own. My best style tip is the classic sentence that sometimes “less is more”. However, if I could go back in time I would probably find myself in Baroque clothing. I find that era to be very interesting and I would like to try all of those magnificent garments for myself. When I was a little girl being an archaeologist was actually my dream job and it was in fact my interest in history that made me come up with the design for “Geo floral scarf” – a case that shows off an interesting meeting between history and the latest trends of today.

Even if archeologist must be a very interesting job I really like the life I live as an influencer and the fact that I can live out my creativity, and I am proud of the fact that I made my interest into a profession. That has lead me into so many interesting paths and this collaboration is for sure one of the most exciting of them all. In my eyes, the only negative side of this job is that life is simply too short for everything that I want to do.

My best style tip is the classic sentence that sometimes “less is more”

Q: Something people do not know about you?

A: When I am very nervous I start to stutter a bit

Q: One thing you could not live without?

A: My mobile phone (of course with one of my new cases on)

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: New Zeeland, an incredibly interesting country I really must visit

Q: Which is your favorite city?

A: Like most fashionistas I believe Paris has something magic and it is a city I never get tired of visiting

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: A classic German meal of fried potatoes, schnitzel and mushroom sauce

A bit personal Q&A

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