Stylish reusable face masks showcase luxurious Scandinavian design inspired by the latest fashion.

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The reusable non-medical face masks come in a variety of designs.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s products are made using carefully selected high-quality materials and includes fashionable designs that are inspired by the latest fashion trends. Continually working to create innovative, durable products that are both functional and luxurious IDEAL OF SWEDEN develops products that are made to last. Each design is made to bring out the creative side of each individual’s personality and make every day a little more magical. IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s approach to design is driven by passion, curiosity and innovation. The craftsmanship goes beyond physical appearance in mind, prioritizing quality, function, and feel, as well as visual aesthetic.

Among the IDEAL OF SWEDEN products, you’ll find a variety of unique designs for phone and tech accessories such as phone cases, phone necklaces, wallets clutches, AirPods cases, AirPods bags and bag designs in different prints. Creating handmade products in materials which have been selected for their low environmental impact and high quality.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN takes pride in creating everyday luxuries that are also functional and practical, and more importantly, made using premium high-quality materials. All products are manufactured using carefully selected materials of the highest quality, in accordance with European standards and guidelines.

What makes IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s products unique is our modern vision when it comes to design, so you can mix, match and create your very own personal set with textures and colours.

Discover Accessories Of Attraction a selected range of IDEAL OF SWEDEN products that are effortlessly interchangeable and drawn to each other by a simple magnetic click. This product can be mixed and matched with many of our Wallet Cases, Clutch Cases, Magnetic Card Holders, Ring Mounts and Car mounts. It has never been easier to interchange all of our designs and create your very own personalised set or simply switch things up to complement your outfit, mood or occasion.