8 February, 2019

A night to remember

Inside our exclusive event with Donna Romina


When Donna Romina and iDeal of Sweden invite for dinner, you are sure to expect a party. To celebrate the launch of the new Donna Romina x iDeal of Sweden collection, we have gathered Romina’s closest friends and influencers at Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne to join us for a magical night full of lavish baroque luxe meeting modern-day opulence.

From exclusive iDeal of Sweden goodies and signature drinks, to personalized bathrobes and professional styling – this night was all about celebrating Donna Romina and treating our guests to a luxurious night inspired by her iconic designs. Taking the collection’s themes down to the details, the hotel suite was prepped with rich decor, specially designed pillow cases and breathtaking flower arrangements to give our guests a glorious welcome. Smitten by the magical setting, Romina and her friends knew this was the beginning of a night to remember.

While chatting about the exciting designs that Romina has created, the guests enjoyed relaxing beauty treatments and were prepped for the night by personal hair stylists, makeup and nail artists. This event was all about feeling fabulous and so every guest was treated to a personalized bathrobe along with a customized ‘Marigold Leo’ hoodie. Embracing the theme into the very last detail, the bar served signature cocktails translating Romina’s debut collection into four captivating flavours to set the mood for the night. Complemented by heavenly sweets and cupcakes in the design of Romina’s cases, the intimate pre-party had luxury written all over it.

In a room filled with laughter and enthusiasm, it was finally time for the woman of the hour @DonnaRomina to welcome her dearest friends and special guests, including some of our favourite influencers, such as @novalanalove, @carmushka, @kisu, @si_sichen, @taraneh, or @denise_bobe. Excited to finally reveal her first collection with iDeal of Sweden, Romina introduced the inspiration for her designs and shared her joy of creating her very own collection with iDeal of Sweden. Especially ‘Khaki Snake’ and ‘Marigold Leo’ were instant favourites among her friends and were the conversation starters of the night.

With the mingle in full swing, the official dinner party in the hotel’s Salon Gereon was about to begin. Inspired by the ‘Khaki Snake’ design, the salon revealed a fascinating table setting. The opulent decor and love of detail sparked pure fascination among Romina and her friends, and served as perfect backdrop to capture the night on photo. As a special surprise to Romina, one of her musical favourites, the band Who’s Amy, performed before dinner and entertained the group with dreamy songs, adding to the uniquely intimate atmosphere.

The most special moment, however, was yet to come when the evening was crowned with a dazzling, customized cake in the ‘Marigold Leo’ design. As Romina’s personal highlight of the night, the radiant desert put a sparkle into everyone’s eyes and marked the end of a truly special evening in Cologne.

A special thank you to geBONGt Communication & Cooperation (www.ge-bong-t.com) for co-creating this magical event with us.



With support from:

Balloni – Customized Balloons: www.balloni.de

Benefit Germany – Makeup: www.benefitcosmetics.com

Blütenträume – Flower arrangements: www.facebook.com/bluetentraeume.koeln

Desiary – Suite and table decor: www.desiary.de

Excelsior Hotel Ernst – Suite and room support: www.excelsiorhotelernst.com

Kamellebüdchen – Snakeprint lollipops: www.kamellebuedchen.shop

Kreativ Wedding – Photography (Valerie) : www.kreativ-wedding.de

Liliput Cakes – Custom cake and cupcakes

Lookabe – Marigold Leo Hoodies: www.lookabe.com

Medtryck – Bathrobes: www.medtryck.com 

Mein Distrikt – Bar and customized cocktails: www.mein-distrikt.de

Mod’s Hair – Hair and nails: www.modshair.de

Who’s Amy – Live music: www.wa-epk.com


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