21 December, 2018

Happy Holidays from Us to You!

During the past year, we have been working on two exciting projects, and we want to thank you all for making them possible. Here at iDeal Of Sweden, we believe the holiday season is the perfect time to give back. Therefore, we would like to present two of our current CSR projects.

La Escuela iDeal in Colombia

It’s every child’s right to go to school and receive an education. Education can be a way out of poverty, an opportunity for an independent life, and a chance to make a difference in the world.

Together with the Swedish charity organization Ankarstiftelsen, we have built a school in Colombia in 2018. The school is located in Hurraichichon, which is situated in the La Guajira province in northern Colombia. In many of these areas, the schools are often ruined or too small, or there simply are no schools at all. The school we have helped to build consists of two classrooms and accommodates 150 students. After the building process was complete, the school was gifted to the village. Our school opened in October, and we are so happy and proud to be able to make a difference for children in vulnerable areas by giving them a chance to receive an education!

Hand in Hand in India

Together with Hand in Hand, a Swedish organization that fights poverty through education and entrepreneurship, we’re proud to sponsor a village in India, where the main focus is to help women who are starting their own businesses. Hand in Hand primarily focuses on educating and empowering women, who undoubtedly have an important social and economic impact on family and society. Their work is based on a self-help model which, in brief, means that the women in the self-help group are trained in entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing. They are given the tips and tools needed to start and run a business. The education is ongoing up to a year before the members can launch their businesses. This initiative allows people to take responsibility for their own lives while being provided the necessary tools to find a way out of poverty. By sponsoring the village in India, we will help approximately 150 women emerge from poverty and start approximately 100 companies.

We are looking forward to continuing our work on these CSR projects into 2019. Happy Holidays from all of us at iDeal Of Sweden!

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