26 October, 2018

NEW IN: Janni Olsson Delér x iDeal Of Sweden

Fashion, design and lifestyle blogger Janni Olsson Delér is one of Sweden’s most recognized influencers with more than 1 million Instagram followers. iDeal Of Sweden proudly presents our new design collaboration with the talented 28-year-old designer.

Janni was born and raised in Stockholm, but she currently lives in Monaco with her husband Jon. She launched her blog and Instagram account about five years ago to share her many travels, and it didn’t take long for the multi-talented jetsetter to gain an impressive following.

For as long as Janni can remember, she has been interested in fashion and clothing, and she has always dreamt of working in the field of design. She experimented with clothes and styles throughout her childhood, and her passion for fashion continues to this day. Her collection for iDeal Of Sweden represents her personality and the things she truly loves.

“The collection should reflect where I am in life right now and what I enjoy. I am inspired by my surroundings, our new house, hours of the day I enjoy the most and places I love.”

Janni describes the collection as “The World of Janni,” featuring elements of the tropical, calm places she adores, along with her favorite fashions.

Early in the design process, Janni got a clear picture in her mind of how she wanted the collection to look.

“I sat at our dining table in Spain and looked around, and the inspiration came immediately. Sunset, shells and palm trees are some things I always want close to me, so that was a simple choice, and the rest just came to me.”

The collection consists of five cases, each with a gorgeous, thoughtful design. Janni’s personality, style and the things she loves really shine through in each case.

First up, we have Black To Basics—a trendy case with a black background adorned with worlds in white, similar to the logo trend that has recently reemerged after its glory days in the 90s. Next up is Coral Leaves—an eye-catching case featuring exotic banana leaves against a beautiful coral background. This case is the perfect pick if you adore a tropical vibe. The next case in the collection is appropriately named Pink Sunset. This stunning case features soft pink hues, and the harmonious design reminds us of a beautiful sunset. The Marble Shell case consists of a shell pattern combined with a sheer marble print, giving it an elegant impression. Lastly, we have the stylish Moroccan Carpet case. As the name suggests, this case is inspired by a Moroccan carpet and adds a bohemian touch to virtually any look.

Janni finds it almost impossible to choose a favorite case from the collection. At the moment, she’s particularly fond of Coral Leaves, because it looks so beautiful in photos.

Read more about Janni here!

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