19 October, 2018

Mix and match – The iDeal Concept

The iDeal Concept is based on the ability to mix and match our products in an easy way. Therefore, we have developed a unique system where the products are magnetically compatible with each other. For example, all of our Fashion Cases attach magnetically with our Wallets or Ring Mounts, so that you can easily adjust the products to different situations and replace them according to style and taste.

Recently, we took another step towards becoming more of a fashion brand and have broadened our range with more fashion accessories, such as bracelets, wallets and passport covers. These products go hand in hand with our other mobile accessories and can be matched perfectly together for a thoughtful look.

If you need some tips on how to combine the products together, we will give you some inspiration below!

Kit number 1 – Golden Jade Marble
This kit consists of bestselling case Golden Jade Marble along with a power bank and cable in the same elegant design. The beautiful jade green color of the case goes great together with the Mayfair Clutch Velvet in matching green. The Mayfair Clutch is perfect for an extra protection to your case, while, at the same time, providing space to your most important credit cards. The case attaches magnetically to the clutch and makes it easy to attach or remove the phone depending on the situation.

A Ring Mount in matching gold color is the perfect accessory when you want to hold your phone in a safe grip or take awesome selfies. The Ring Mount also attaches magnetically to both the case and clutch. Last but not least, we have chosen one of our latest additions, the Fashion Bracelet. With its luxurious design and golden color, it combines the look and gives an elegant touch!

Kit number 2 – Outer Space Agate
Here we have chosen the design Outer Space Agate on both the case, power bank, and cable. The eye-catching design feels both timeless and modern at the same time and fits just as well for him as for her. In addition, we have chosen a Car Vent Mount in a gold color that matches the gold tones in the other products. The mount easily attaches in the car, and just like the other products, you easily attach the phone magnetically to the mount.

Finally, we have chosen to match these products with two of products from the Capri series, a Card Holder, and a Passport Cover. The warm brown color and the golden details make a perfect combination to the other accessories and makes the kit complete!

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