9 July, 2018

Products of the week: Ring Mount & Car Mount

Keep your phone in a safe grip, whether you’re on the go, in the car or at home relaxing in the couch. Our Ring and Car Mount got you covered!

This week we want to highlight three products that soon will be your new best friends in the everyday life.

First out, we have our Ring Mount that, through strong magnets, attaches to your iDeal Fashion Case and allows you to hold your phone in a relaxed yet safe grip with less risk of dropping it. Thanks to the magnets you can attach the Ring Mount anywhere on the case and easily change the placement to find the best grip. It’s the ultimate help to snap the perfect selfie, or if you just want to keep a safe grip on the phone while you’re scrolling through feeds at home in the couch. The Ring Mount also works great when you want to watch videos on your phone as you can easily adjust the ring to be able to place your phone in an upright position. A product that, once you start using it, is hard to live without! Our Ring Mount comes in gold and silver, matches our Fashion Cases and fits all ages and styles!

Do you spend a lot of time in the car? Our Car Mount is the product that will help you out on your car rides! Just as the Ring Mount, this car holder attached magnetically to our other mobile accessories, making it easy to attach and remove the phone. The holder is also rotatable at all angles. Thanks to a strong sticky gel suction cup you can easily mount the holder to all types of surfaces, such as the dashboard or windshield of the car. Except for cars, this holder also fits well in other locations such as the office if you’re using the phone a lot in work, or in the kitchen to be able to read recipes!

Finally, we have our Car Vent Mount which is also a holder to use in the car. With its super slim design, you easily attach the Car Vent Mount to the vent of the car. The strong magnet keeps your phone in a stable position throughout the entire car trip. Perfect for using the GPS or when receiving important phone calls without losing focus on the road. Such as the Ring Mount this product comes in a luxury gold or silver color!


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